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Heating Oil

Krupa TruckWe purchase top-quality heating oil from specially chosen distributors. We deliver Premium Grade, extra-low sulfur fuel with special additives that will ensure cleaner burning in your heating system and extend the service life of your equipment.

Petro-Guard III

“Not All Heating Oil Is the Same”

Petro-Guard III has been specially formulated for and distributed by Krupa Oil Company. All of our oil delivery customers receive Petro-Guard III. Petro-Guard III is a customized heating oil additive that helps stabilize burner performance. It helps reduce the formation of sediment that could settle to the bottom of your oil tank and reduces the natural corrosion that can occur between oil and metal.

Petro-Guard III helps to protect your oil tank, eliminate system failure, extend the life expectancy of equipment, and reduce oil heating costs.

Automatic Fuel Oil Delivery

Krupa Oil Company offers convenient automatic fuel delivery service for your peace of mind. We use a degree-day system that monitors your annual fuel consumption and predicts when you will need your next oil delivery. This service will ensure that you never run out of fuel to heat your home throughout the heating season. Our automatic fuel delivery is available to all of our valued oil customers at no additional charge.

Call our office at (860) 745-2491 to sign up!

Purchasing Fuel

We offer a variety of methods to purchase your home heating oil. Be worry-free this heating season when it comes to oil price fluctuation by locking in your price per gallon with our Price Guard Program.

What is Price Guard?

We, at Krupa Oil Company, have offered our Price Guard Program for more than 20 years. This program gives our customers the opportunity to lock their price per gallon for the upcoming heating season. The program is offered each summer which is the time of the year when fuel oil prices are typically at their lowest. We offer two options:

1. Pre-purchase your heating oil gallons upfront and lock at a summer low price per gallon


2. Choose monthly budget payments for your heating oil gallons and lock at a slightly higher summer low price per gallon

With either plan, you will have the comfort of knowing what your home heating oil costs will be for the season. There will not be any unexpected price changes that will affect your household budget as long as enough gallons are purchased for the entire heating season. If you have questions or would like to enroll, please call our office!