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Oil Tank Service

Installation of Aboveground Oil Tanks

Above Ground Oil Tank Protection is included in our “Gold PLUS” Service Policy!

Before an underground oil tank is removed, a new aboveground oil storage tank should be installed, preferably in a basement or garage for maximized protection from the elements. If your tank cannot be installed inside, we can install your new aboveground oil tank outside (following town specifications). The standard size tanks are 275 gallon or 330 gallon. A specially rated tank would be installed for exterior use. If your underground oil tank is being removed or if your current aboveground oil tank is in need of replacement, please give our office a call to discuss the durable, reliable oil tanks we supply and install.

Underground Oil Tanks

Krupa Oil Company recommends that our customers remove any underground oil tank that is 20 years old or older. Underground oil storage tanks should not be abandoned or forgotten about; the tank or the oil lines can corrode and develop leaks over time. Remediation of soil contamination can be costly and may not be covered under homeowner insurance. It is wise to remove the tank before any deterioration occurs and avoid clean up costs. Call Krupa Oil Company for professional and safe underground storage tank removal!