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Water Heater Service Policy


If your oil fired hot water heater is in need of replacement or if your water heater or indirect water heater does not meet the volume of hot water needed to satisfy your household needs, we would be happy to give you direction and a quote for the installation of a new unit. Upgrading to an indirect water heater can be a great investment for your home. In contrast to most conventional direct-fired tanks, indirect-fired tanks use the water from your boiler to heat your tank water which can help you save up to 40% in operating costs!

Financing Available

We supply and install oil fired water heaters and indirect water heaters by top quality manufacturers like Aero, Bock, Vaughn, and Crown.

Service Policy

•   Coverage includes burner parts, aquastat, controls, and emergency switch.

•   Annual tune-up of the burner is included and will be performed in conjunction with the tune-up of your heating system.

•   This coverage can only be purchased in conjunction with a heating system policy.

Here are a few of the trusted brands that we install and service

AmtrolVaughnBradford White